Chances are buying your home is the largest single purchase you will make during your lifetime.  It can be very time consuming and often overwhelming, especially for first time home buyers.  Let my many years of experience as a Realtor«, as well as resident of Berkshire County guide you in making the right real estate decision.

Below are a few key points you should consider during the search process.


Choosing A Neighborhood

When evaluating a neighborhood you should investigate local conditions. Depending on your own particular needs and tastes, some of the following factors may be more important considerations than others:

  ● Quality of the local schools
  ● Property values
  ● Neighborhood traffic
  ● Neighborhood crime rate
  ● Neighborhood's future construction plans
  ● A home's proximity to schools, work, hospitals, shopping, public transportation, beaches, parks, arts and entertainment


Choosing A Home

After selecting the neighborhoods you would prefer, you then need to decide on the types of homes you are most interested in. There are several key factors you should consider including:

  ● The types of homes that interest you the most
  ● Features you would like in your new home
  ● Age and condition of home
  ● Resale potential
  ● Use a home comparison chart
  ● Act decisively when the right home is found


5 Important Questions

Buying a home can be overwhelming and the following 5 questions should not be overlooked:

  ● How much house can I afford?
  ● How can I find the best loan?
  ● Where will I come up with a down payment, and how much will I need?
  ● Should I buy a new or resale home, and which will go up in value?
  ● Should I work with an agent or look at homes on my own?

Above is a small sample of the issues and concerns potential home buyers need to consider.  In addition, you need to understand why it is important to use a knowledgeable Realtor«, why a home inspection could save you thousands of dollars, the process of making an offer and more.

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